✔33 A Countdown of Our Top Pinned Images From the Year

Taking a gander at what you folks Pinned the most this year from the blog is an interesting trial. It’s one thing to think about what perusers will like the most, and it’s an entirely unexpected thing when you really SEE what gets your finger to tap on “Pin It” on a blog entry. What’s more, learn to expect the unexpected. You all REALLY burrow washrooms (explicitly vanities in restrooms) and book niches. Perhaps you definitely realize that about yourself, however it’s a smidgen of amazing news to us.

Is it that a considerable lot of you have loads of washroom reno or enhancing ventures in progress/tons and huge amounts of books you gotta make sense of how to manage? Or then again perhaps it’s nothing unless there are other options, and you just truly like sinks and retires. Sinks + Shelves + EHD Readers = A Tale as Old As Time?

We figure this would be an enjoyment progressing activity, similar to… a month to reiterate what you’re Pinning from EHD blog entries. Okay be keen on something to that effect? Tell us in the remarks provided that this is true (or if not, in any case, we need to hear what you think). For now, we dove into our investigation and counted up the entirety of your top picks from the year up until this point.

What’s more, to truly amp up your expectation and be somewhat extra about the conveyance, we’re tallying down from #15 to #1, so…

Coming in at #15: This Sweet Little Window Seat from House Tour – A Mid-Century Modern Inspired Home.